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This is our traditional family business in dealing with fine quality sapphire for 3 generations over 4 decades. Baza Gems was the father company of this Ceylon Fine Gems, Baza Gems was started by my grandfather In 1979. Ceylon Fine Gems is the son company of Baza Gems Started by my father Mr. M Zarook who started his career in the international market.

From the beginning, we always wanted to supply only the fine quality Sapphires at the best price. Since Sri Lanka is called Sapphire Capital, from my school age, I used to move with beautiful stones which my Father used to bring from cities called “RATHNAPURA, ELEHARA, and PELMADULLA”

Still, I remember on my school holidays, I used to travel with Dad to the “City Of Gems” (mines) those are hand-dug mines found in the middle of rice paddies.

I do hope you love my magnificent Sapphire collection as much as I do.We also make bespoke jewelry. We are specialized in Engagement Rings. You’ll find our perfectly handcrafted Engagement Rings in our shop, as well as you can customize your own designs with us.

Please find us on Pinterest. We share many other gemstone collections from many others as much as my own - "I LOVE LOOKING AT BEAUTIFUL GEMSTONES!"

Shop our acclaimed sterling silver jewelry featuring rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with unprecedented quality and hand craftsmanship. We offer you a splendid, exquisite, and trendy collection you will treasure forever. We create customized jewelry with engraving. We manufacture hand-finished and contemporary jewelry made from 925 Sterling Silver by our in-house workmanship. Our shop is located in Dehiwala Sri Lanka.

This is our successful Instagram for our beautiful feeds on sapphires every day, since we’re based in Sri Lanka, We will never give No as an answer for any sapphire requirement inquiry we receive.

We always hold a large inventory of stocks.

We don't deal with any artificial, synthetic or simulated gemstone.

Our goal isn't simply to provide gemstones for sale, but also to educate the buyer about what they are going to buy.

Ceylon Fine Gems is committed to supplying the very best. We actively seek out new materials from diverse locations. We are devoted to    revealing the beauty of the mineral world.